AdSpot Safety Tips

AdSpot aims to be the safest online classifieds in South Africa. Besides our built in safety features, here are some tips to help you stay safe when buying and selling online

Use the AdSpot Messaging System

AdSpot has a built in messaging service for users to communicate about adverts listed on the site. We highly recommened using the messaging system rather than communicating via email or phone. The messaging system has a number of safety features built in to try help you identify potential scams.

Check Users Profiles

Every user on AdSpot has a profile page where they can add their real name and links to their social network pages including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Be weary of users who don't have an online presence outside of AdSpot

Be Cautious of Bargains

As the old saying goes, if something seems to good to be true it probably is. Be cautious of bargains that seem to good to be true, especially when it comes to high price items such as cars and other vehicle. Always ask the seller why they are selling the item

Meet in Public Places

When meeting another AdSpot user to buy or sell an item, it's recommended to meet in a public space such as a coffee shop or at a shopping center.

Cash is Best (Usually)

When it comes to exchanging money for an item, it's usually best to deal in cash (unless the price of the item is high). Proof of payment for online transfer can be faked, and cheques are a a big no-no. When it comes to expensive items such as cars, it's best to meet the buyer/seller at a bank and complete the transaction together

Avoid Shipping Items

It's not always easy to arrange to meetup to exchange goods, but it's recommended. Sending items via courier or the post is definitely not recommended. Payment might never be received after the item is sent, the item can simply not be sent, or it could get lost in the post. Sometimes it's better to miss out on a potential sale/purchase if the only option is to post the item